Technology is changing the whole world as we know it, but boy has it changed the Saudi Arabia I grew up in. The very image of a Saudi is that of a private, cautious and extremely conservative person. Now, with Facebook, this has all changed forever. Having people share so many intimate details and facts about their lives and themselves is so mind boggling. Some of my girlfriends express in front of 450 people on their friends’ list that they’re mad at their husbands, or angry at the world. They let everyone know that they’ve had a bad haircut or that their kids are sick. Some go as far as sharing personal photos of their wedding, honeymoon or travels. It’s almost become like a show; “Look at me! I’m cool, liberal, open-minded, beautiful, privileged..etc.” I won’t deny that it’s interesting and fun to see and maybe even a little addictive. It’s like looking into people’s lives or what they want you to think their lives are like. But it also gets to be too much, and too much of anything isn’t good.

The funniest thing is that now girls Google their potential suitors or search for their Facebook profile pictures before actually agreeing to meet with them. Like I said, times are changing and in many ways for the better. But mobile phones, Blackberries and Facebook all make it harder to get away and just relax. Sure we are more connected, but at what expense? People are able to reach you night and day whether you’re at work or on vacation. My husband calls it, “the electronic leash!” Are we the Master’s or the Victims?Think about that.

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