Fatima Al-Qadiri’s

Standing out ever so brightly from her fellow peers in the Middle East is Senegal-born, Kuwaiti musician and artist Fatima Al-Qadiri. Based in New York’s blossoming Brooklyn borough, Fatima draws inspiration for her music from Islamic a cappella tunes, favored by the traditionally inclined, and touches upon socio-religious topics. Warn U is the latest endeavor […]

Book: Somewhere in the Middle of My Mind

A candid internal dialogue intr duces the reader to the poetry that is to follow… more honest ruminations by Hasan Eid and other Saudi poets on anger, pain, agitation, depression, guilt, paranoia, joy and appreciation. Compiled by Hassan Eid, the first poem, Somewhere in the Middle of My Mind, which is also the books namesake, […]

Escape Your Emotions

Growing up in the plush and idyllic town of Piestany, Slovakia, Peter Blakovi wiled away his time creating images on his Amiga and developed a passion for digital art. Blakovi moved on to study architecture in Bratislava and later on succeeded in obtaining a career in 3D animating while also pursuing his own personal endeavors […]

Salt of This Sea

Provocative and powerful this is not just another film about Palestine. Salt of this Sea follows the journey of a Palestinian-American woman, Soraya, from Brooklyn, New York to Palestine upon discovering her grandfather’s savings were frozen in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Layers revolving around issues of identity, heritage, love and human rights […]

Princess with The Curly Hair

Since the start of the new millennium, different cultures across the world began to ponder over the importance of identity. Without exception, the Middle East is one of the many regions that fall into a delirium with questions around such a subject. Adults in this part of the world have long put pressure on themselves, […]

Game: Share Your 3azeezi

After the “3azeezi” jokes gained a great deal of popularity on new platforms such as BlackBerry and Twitter, Khalid Hakim and his team decided to get together to create a site where people all across the Middle East could share their “3azeezis.” Colorful and accessible, www.3azeezi. com compiles all your favorite “3azeezi” jokes and allows […]


Many women like to wear necklaces, bracelets or even a small broach inscribed with the name of Allah, in hope that the talisman will protect them against and ward off the evil eye. Bearing the name of the Almighty, such pieces tend to be adorned with precious stones and are normally quite expensive. Worth much […]


This issue’s d-tube features the def poetry of Suheir Hammad. Doubling as the main protagonist in the film: Salt of This Sea, Suheir is a Palestinian-American poet, author and political activist. Sparking controversy with guillotine-sharp words against oppression, her skits are personal, profound, and unforgiving , mike Check is a personal favorite with poignant verses. […]

A Decade of Delectable Delight

Times have changed, and so too have our palettes, and with it our local culinary landscape. Coffee shops, tea lounges, shisha lounges, healthy eating, and the explosion of sushi restaurants, bakeries, and local franchises have hit the Jeddah restaurant scene with full force. Jeddah has come a long way from Kudu being the only local […]

Kadi & Ramadi

The woman behind the illustrations may seem sweet and friendly, but Thuraya Batterjee’s children’s books’ wrestle with some pretty controversial issues. Make no mistake, Kadi and Ramadi is no ordinary publishing house – they publish with purpose. “We try to tackle issues sensitive in society,” initiates Thuraya. Breast cancer, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and an […]

JIN T-shirts

JIN t-shirts are the creative offspring of Khalid Zahid. Arab linguists may be surprised by the t-shirt labels name choice, which means possessed by madness; and hence meaning bereft of reason; or mad, insane, unsound in mind or intellect, or wanting therein. A few words about the philosophy behind JIN according to its creator… “Jin […]


Sue is a home based fashion line in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which focuses on designing Abayas and Hijab wear. Sue was founded in 2007 when Saudi designer Suad Alzamil realized that Abayas and Hijab wear have been transformed into a fashion statement that calls for aesthetic style, and uniqueness. The sense of style that Sue […]