A friend of mine was wearing the most unique blouse—a shemagh-print, square-cut top with gold thread detail that’s reminiscent of a mishlah. I had to know where he got this top! “NOA COUTURE,” he said. And so my addiction began…Dramatic. Dreamy. Distinguished. Divine. Those are four words that describe the latest designs of Nawaf, the […]

summer alireza

On February 28th to March 1st, Summer Alireza held her exhibition “Encounters” at boutique Sabine Nada in Jeddah. Drawing inspiration from nature and Islam, while transmitting an inconspicuous yearning for yesteryear, Summer Alireza’s work reflects her profound connection and artistic acumen for the world surrounding her. “What you may know as the Last Supper,” clarifies […]

Culinary: Helen’s

Helen’s: Just Like Grandma’s Helen’s is a quaint little bakery on Kayal Street that is as inconspicuous as it is stimulating. The pet project of two friends, Ahmed Ismail and Akram Saab, Helen’s provides a brief reprieve from the now ever-popular plethora of ultra-modern coffee shops and bakeries. The bakery gets its name from its […]


LIGHT-BLOODED ADVERTISING All English All ze 6ime Successful advertisers push the boundaries of taste, class, decorum and sensibility, while having fun with their clients’ brands. The key to their funny ads is the honesty of these ads—diving deep into the core of their brands. Yet they achieve this success by having fun, instead of “working.” […]

Depths of a Designer

Depths of a Designer D i s c o v e r i n g A b u b a k i r O . B a l f a q i h Abubakir’s fifteen years of experience in visual communication is vast and clear. From branding and packaging to 3D modelling and animation, Abubakiris, […]


Adequately defining itself as an “experimental arts unit,” Ganzeer is the creative brainchild of Egyptian artist and designer, Mohammed A. Fahmy, who founded the Cairo-based company in 2005. His portfolio covers everything; from branding and corporate identities, to mural art for public spaces and a short film with a very intriguing take on an anti-drug […]

Tujjar Jeddah

In a time where modern edifices of stark impressions seem to define our landscape, one has to wonder about the stories behind these conceptual structures. From the bizarre to the mundane, modern architecture in Saudi Arabia, and indeed the GCC, appears to be on a constant quest to redefine its identity. Yet, how far do […]


KILLING ENTERTAINMENT | ameen roayan Is the gaming industry entertainment killing our brain cells? Or is killing brain cells entertaining us? A sub-culture, rapidly taking over lives of post-x-generations, is often wrongly accused of instigating violence with its superficial display of brutality and carnage. Second only to television and film, gaming is easily blamed for […]

Consumer Liberation

Consumer Liberation – Fiction or Fantasy? Globally ad agencies have long stood faithful to the view that “sex sells.” And frankly, it does. Carl’s Junior Burger lovers everywhere will attest that after seeing Paris Hilton scantily clad washing a car while tucking into a cheeseburger, the cholesterol forming artery clogging sandwich took on a whole […]


Abuse against domestic help, maids, drivers, etc, exists globally. In our November issue of Design magazine, we tried to address the issue locally by running a public awareness campaign by Full Stop advertising about the mistreatment of drivers. It created quite a bit of controversy. The ad depicted a well-dressed clean shaven driver, with horse […]

The Architecture of Greatness

The glare of the sun, the suffocating heat and humidity of Jeddah at high noon advise one to be sane and away from the outdoors. Still, as I wiped the sweat off my face and shaded my forehead with my hand to get a clear view, I was brought to awe at a structure that […]