Where dreams come true.

“I really belong to Saudi Arabia” said Local Designer Named Shaima —

A young entrepreneur who went from traveling to the world for inspiration to having the will power and strength to turn an illusion into reality and open what has been in her dreams (literally). Having lived in Thailand, Shaima ——- feels beauty in things rather that sees it.

Everything about her store “Jungle Blue” is unique. From the location, to the set up, to even the energy in the room (mainly given from Shaima ——–), Jungle Blue mirrors a ‘Duniya’ free spirit.

“Every woman has beauty. Every woman is beautiful, so why should one have to buy a Gucci bag or Armani shoes to make one feel ‘special’?

It’s just about finding and understanding every woman’s inner beauty. That is what I am trying to achieve.” She says with a twinkle. The store is filled with vibrant colors that reflect the essence of ‘life’. People create colors and colors make personalities. With its palette, Jungle Blue brings out the ‘soul’ in its customers. Basically, a store that embodies how colors can change the world.

When asked what is the secret ingredient of ‘Jungle Blue’? Shaima responded “love’.

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do. And that is what Shaima — has done.

Just like someone once said.. Love is what makes the world go round. So why not let it rock —‘s world?

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