This month’s advice for Virgo creatives:
You second guess your talent all the time. Yes, we know it’s probably because you’re an earth sign – humble, grounded, always loyal to those who depend on you, yada yada. But, baby, you gotta remember that that didn’t stop the King of Pop from killing it on stage.

Whether you’re a professional artist or a closeted painter with a full time corporate job, this month you should let your creative instinct guide you. You’ve been shying away from putting your work on display but you share a star sign with Queen B – you got this and we’re here to cheer you on and to write all about you when everyone recognizes your magic too!
With matters of the heart, we recommend that you take advice from our beloved

Virgo poets and singers Kathem Alsaher and Wael Kfouri. Wear you heart on your sleeve, give us raw vulnerability and own it ‘cuz you’re brave and we guarantee you’ll have fans lining up.

We’re not suggesting that your days will be free of difficulties. We’ve all seen your whack temper before. All we’re saying is that you should use find this edge and werk it. Painter Jacques-Louis David (um, no, not like the hair salon ladies) was raised by architects, who expected him to follow in the popular Rococo style, at the time. This didn’t stop him from rebelling and reviving classical painting and becoming a pioneer in Neo-classicism. Again, he never had a guarantee that he’ll make it from the beginning but he did and you will too.

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