Design Network’s Fun Facts on costume design

Design Network’s Fun Facts on costume design

Pictures taken by: Mohamed AbuZaid @m.abuzaid10
From Bait Al-Dahaleezi, right to left: Genie of Clothes @wael.aldamlakhe,
Genie of Death,
Director of Interactive play @toddnims,
The Secret Holder Genie @asmaa_ali.1,
Razan Tarik @r_thetherapis
bottom: Production Director Vladimir Vukovic @bearwood1958

A few years later, though, Shiefa’s father passed away and Saudi movies and plays were on the rise. The first opportunity to study fashion design arose at Nafissa Shams and Shiefa was ready for it.

She hit stardom when she was discovered by one of Takki, a Youtube Series that was widely popular between Jeddawis. Since crew members asked her to become the wardrobe designer for their upcoming season 3, her phone has been off the hook from giant companies like Al-Nahdi and STC and Mobily, asking her to design clothes and coordinate wardrobes for ads.

The Wildings’ costumes on Game of Thrones were made of leather, fur, and even animal bones. According to Bustle, those bones were ordered on eBay!
Around 19,000 costumes were made for The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

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