Eyebrows speak louder than words

The nose was so heavy because of its size and the Wicked Queen looked like she had a flu, pushing her nose back the whole two hours! A while later, Samar painted her brother’s upper half black, for a project, using face-paint that was almost impossible to remove. Her brother spent days explaining why his head was a completely different color that his legs; he found himself washing off black paint from his ears three days later!

YouTube DIY’s were Samar’s Knight in Shining Armor, helping her improve her skills every day. When she found that her long romantic walks to the makeup aisle weren’t enough, Samar made products from scratch at home, ultimately teaching her how to work her magic with makeup.

Give me the good stuff – girl, Halloween is ‘round the corner!

For a giant nose: Vaseline, flour, and a little bit of foundation.
For dark or “old” blood: Vimto and chocolate syrup.
For clotted blood: Vimto, chocolate syrup, and Vaseline
For kids: White glue instead of latex, because it’s toxic free.
For sweat resistance: Alcohol activated make-up.
For an instant scar: Collodion Scarring Liquid.
For a variety of makeup for special effects, in Jeddah: Kryolan Store

So, how crazy can this get?
Aside from a three-eye boogey-man, Samar shares secrets from special effects troopers:
•Before the 50’s, color TV was merely a fantasy. To make things look really light-colored, actors actually used particular shades of green – they seemed way brighter than white objects!
•When green lenses were as far-fetched as jumping on clouds, Production Designers had giant green objects surrounding actors so that the color reflected on his/her eyes. This gave viewers the illusion that their favorite light brown-eyed actor now had green eyes.

’m obsessed – how do I get in on this?
Samar’s instagram: @hiddenpandorafx

Sign up for Samar’s special-effects makeup workshop or join her with her quest to start a special effects academy to certify interested individuals. These artists would then qualify to prep actors for movies or plays.

Eyebrows speak louder than words:

We put Samar to the test and invited her to our office.
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