A job that put her heart in STITCHES

A job that put her heart in STITCHES:

Shiefa envisioned two characters’ clothes for her costume design when she worked in Hadabat Alizz, a short film. The time crunch was so wild she had to forget about stitching and used “super glue for some parts!”

It SEAMS like working with an interactive play is harder than a movie scene costume – is that true?

Also, there’s the crazy deadline. From beginning to end, including the moodboard, feedback from director, approvals, buying the cloth, dying, sewing and submission, Shiefa had exactly 3 weeks to create 14 costumes.

One day before showtime, Shiefa was asked to include a new genie – The Genie of Life. She locked herself up and managed to create an entire costume in a mere 5 hours!

SEW how did she get her dream job- inspire me!

It wasn’t always an easy feat. Concerned family and friends, including Shiefa’s father, considered it futile to study fashion design or costume coordination in KSA, due to a lack of local opportunities.

You may have heard it before, but Shiefa underlines that you “shouldn’t give up on your dream no matter how unlikely success seems.” Shiefa settled briefly making abayas for her friends and working in marketing.

According to Shiefa, in interactive plays, the characters are surrounded by the viewers up close. So, a single tear or an ugly stitch can instantly be caught.

One main consideration is that the costume also has to be comfortable. Oftentimes, Shiefa’s inspiration comes from the movements of the characters during rehearsals. The Genie of Justice, for instance, constantly flailed his arms, inspiring his giant sleeves costume.

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