Pistachio’s Speak Louder Than Words

Pistachio’s Speak Louder Than Words

Fanoos: Frame made of chocolate and “glass” made of sugar. All is edible aside from the hinges of the door. A light source can be inserted for functionality, too.

We got our finger in the pie and went over to Mishal’s test kitchen to try his Pistachio Dessert, all based on nuts, with a layer of: pistachio cream, chocolate hazelnut mousse, chocolate almond ganache, pistachio dacquoise, and pistachio paste. Each layer differed in taste and texture, keeping our spoon’s journey full of surprises.

Designnetwork’s Fun Facts:
•At Alinea, Chef Grant Achatz introduced an edible floating balloon – coated with sugar and filled with helium.
•Scientists can turn peanut butter into crystals because it’s so rich in carbon.

Favorite work: Designing things for dinners with friends. I always do something weird like easter eggs or this giant “Fanoos” .
“I like surprising people; it can’t just be something they see in the supermarket. They think it’s [the dessert] is something normal but then it’s changed around!”

The dream: “I would like people to appreciate the differences in what food can give you. It isn’t just about filling your belly but [about] enjoying what you’re eating and appreciating the sources of where it’s from. Now, people are starting to understand sustainability, organic food, gluten free choices, and the importance of environmental protection. It’s all important.. I want people to enjoy where the food comes from, plus the taste. It isn’t just about what it costs.”


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