Alazzouni “Always had a love for everything and anything that had to do with fashion.” As a little girl she would sit in her mother’s dressing room, like most other young girls, and gape at the various articles of clothing. As she grew older, she realized that the Saudi fashion market did not cater to […]


Sofana Dahlan, a law school graduate, full-time mom and a driven passionate person, appreciates design and has therefore made it her personal mission to promote talented designers and help them reach their potential. She stumbled onto this by chance, finding herself meeting designers, and hearing about their bad luck or struggles and misfortunes along their […]


Hisham Binjabi is another one of our celebrated artists. In his elegant manner he portrayed art as a mixture of depths and celestial elements that take the artist far from his present reality, into the world of pure expression. He is a classical artist, who is immersed in the beauty of the Arabian horse. He […]

Abdullah IDREES

rather than just learnt throughout the environment. It is one of the main incentives that make the person aware of his\ her surroundings. Art is all around us, yet unfortunately people here still insist that most of it is haram and inappropriate. When in fact, it is what makes the person look at life in […]

Esh Elly

“What the…!” Esh Elly? Yes, brace yourselves, Youtubers – BADR SALEH has got his eyes on you! It’s actually quite an amusing story. It all started when Badr went to audition at U-Turn Productions for a part that was, well…. not for this one. But, before he knew it, they thought that he was the […]


These days, life seems to quickly pass us by -hours at a time- with not a second to spare, not even to simply appreciate all that engulfs us. Yet, amidst the busyness of everyday, we neglect the wealth of beautiful creations deserving of recognition that besiege us all around. One such beautiful creation happens to […]

Jeddah: City of Eternal Love

The most common etymology of the name Jeddah is derived from the word “jaddah”, which means “grandmother” in Arabic referring to Eve, the grandmother of all humanity. The tomb of Eve is documented to be located in Old Jeddah. “In 1975, the religious authorities demolished the tomb because of some pilgrims praying at Eve’s tomb […]

Haal Inc

The brand name, Haal Inc. Inspired from the Arabic word ‘heil’ which means cardamom. Much like the distinct taste of ‘heil’ and its traditional essence and timeless apresence in our culture the brand is a reflection of the same aspect of the spice. With a recently launched collection ranging from the Tuxedo abaya to trendy […]

Samir Kassir Award / Freedom of the Press 2011

Samir Kassir has paid with his life in his fight for democracy and Lebanon’s sovereignty, and he remains an example for his entire profession. By organising this competition, the European Union salutes, through the name of Samir Kassir, the efforts and courage of all the journalists in the region who, sometimes by risking their lives, […]

The Funny Side Of reality Video Blogger

In the last few months two YouTube programs have been gaining some serious Saudi fan following. Young Saudi comedians who were famous for their stand-up comedy shows are the people behind those programs. 3al6ayer and Layekthar are the two Arabic programs that speak about social issues in a comic view. Both programs have succeeded in […]

Fahmi Farahat

”Is that a flask of coffee over your shoulder?” ”No, it’s my Roll top!” In compact form, the vital statistics being a mere 28cm long and 8.3cm wide and weighing about the same as a mini notebook, the most amazing prototype of portable technology yet will soon debut on the market. Introducing Rolltop. A flexible […]

Jowhara AlSaud

Experimental photographer, Jowhara AlSaud, shares with Design Magazine the technique behind her latest series, Out of Line, and her enthusiasm for the emerging Saudi Art scene. Capturing intimate and everyday moments while among friends and family, AlSaud is always with camera close at hand, as it‘s these casual and natural vignettes that inspire her work. […]