9SickSick Productions

Take a seat. You’re about to be schooled by three of Saudi’s most prestigious professors of underground culture. Ahmad “Baloo” Alammary, Anmar Madani, and Ibz Abbar are the masterminds behind9SickSick Productions, a company aimed at educating “anybody and everybody,” to the non-commercial subculture of music and art. Forget Music Master. Forget Mega Star. Those stores, […]

Bandar Ayyad

Profile: Bandar Ayyad, 27 years old- Product of Jeddah. Graduated from North Carolina State in 2003. Majored in Computer Engineering Day Job- ARAMCO, His Passion- Painting & Sculpting. Inspired by Craig Mullins, Ian McCaig, AshleyWood & Alex Ross. Fave Styles- Surrealism + Sci- Fi Bandar’s Words of Wisdom “Go with how you feel. Don’t let […]

Advice from Mcladin

On developing good Graphic DesignAdvice from Mcladin. *Know Your Client *Study their message and style *Highlight what it is that sets them apart from others *How do they currently present themselves? *Does it need to change to help reposition them? *What is their competitive advantage? •Sketch your ideas first. *Otherwise they might turn into digital […]

الفن المعبر عن الأرض [21,39] فن جدة

كلمة واحدة ذات أبعاد متعددة، حينما نقول «الأرض» فنحن نقصد المكان والزمان سويا، في حكاية ممتدة من البداية حتى الما بعد، 21،39 فن جده في عامه الثالث يحمل عنوانًا عميقاً «الأرض ومابعد ذلك»، والذي نسقه كلاً من : منى خزندار وحمزة صيرفي ، الرحلة تنقل الزائر بين أروقة المعرض في مبتدأها (الأرض كإرث إنساني)، مروراً […]

فندق الصحراء الليبية

شمال الصحراء الأفريقية الكبرى، إحدى أجمل الصحارى في العالم، وعلى امتداد أكثر من مليون كيلومتر مربع من الكثبان الرملية الناعمة، تمكث بقعة فيها من هدوء النسيم وطهارة السحب ما يجعلها قطعة من الشمس على الأرض، اسمها الصحراء الليبية. هي مساحة من الذهب الخالص تمتدّ كأمواج نائمة على طول الأفق لتجعل كل من غرست فيها أقدامه […]

Faisal Samra MAJAZZ

Faisal Samra MAJAZZ (METAPHOR) As one of the first practising conceptual artists in Saudi Arabia, Faisal Samra, who now lives and works in Bahrain, is among the most influential Gulf artists working today. Having broken with tradition early in his career, the artist now works mainly in video, installation and photography. Samra has spoken in […]

Elite Events

لقد بات تصميم ديكورات الحفلات وتنظيم المناسبات الخاصة من أكثر الفنون طلبا وانتشارا، كما أنها تشهد حاليا تنافسا حادا بين المتخصصين. وتسعى كل شركة في تقديم خدمات مميزة تنفرد فيها عن غيرها. وهذا ما قامت به شركة إيليت لتنظيم المناسبات، حيث أنها تنفرد بتقديم مجموعة متألقة من الكراسي والطاولات والاكسسوارات المضيئة التي تضيف بهجة وجوا […]

Saudi Artist Ahmed Mater

Saudi Artist Ahmed Mater Sues Swiss Watchmaker Swatch For Plagiarism By:Jeff Koons Ahmed Mater’s Magnetism (2012) is emblematic of the vibrant new art scene emerging from the Gulf. The etching print, which exists in several versions, pictures a black cubic magnet neatly encircled by steel dust—a poetic evocation of the pilgrimage to Mecca, known as […]


Behind the Scenes: The London Bloke and Cali Girl Many of you may already know their work. And if you read our last issue, you definitely know their work. Ibraheem Abbar and Nora Alhamraniare two of the designers whom make up the Noon team. But they’re not fashion designers, their graphic designers, or as Ibraheem […]

Renowned Photographer, Peter Sanders

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce brought world renowned photographer, Peter Sanders, to share his inspiring artwork with the Saudi community in an exhibition dubbed In the shade of the tree. The gallery exhibited photographs depicting Islam across the globe. The messages behind his photographs has touched millions by capturing an aspect of Islamic civilization all […]


Brand Lum by LAMA TAHER provides traditional thobes but with extra modern simplicity and the elegance and grace of the Victorian era. The brand’s new collection offers a Blending mix of soft colors and trimmings with delicate lace, flounces, frills and their signature bows. Quality and exclusivity are assured as each item is meticulously designed […]

Where Can I Ever Find Inspiration In This Local Dump?

God Damn it! How Can I Ever Find Inspiration In This Local Dump? Yasser Alireza Snr. Art Director, Memac Ogilvy, Jeddah. Ask a creative about inspiration and you’ll soon feel a haze of monotonous answers cram the air, leaving you with more confusion on the subject then clarity. In fact, you might be spun into […]