Layla Mousa

“Quality survives time. Whatever the taste, design or style – one should ensure quality is produced,” Layla Mousa on her approach to her passion- design. With a trendy vibe befitting her chicness, spirited and well-established Interior Designer- Layla Mousa believes quality should be the base of everything, especially when it comes to the criteria she […]


Profile Lina Malaika, 20 years old, Jeddawiya Currently studies Graphic Design in Dar-Al-Hekma Her Passion- Fashion Design, Photography, Filmmaking Her Talent- Designing Abaya’s Inspired by: ugly abaya’s.. Lady-full-of-grace with a twist are what Lina’s abaya’s are all about. Yes, Lina’s abaya’s are your traditional cloaks, but with a twist of color. Being the creative person […]


Saudi Arabia is often known for its dress code, especially where women are concerned. All around the world, people think of formless black shrouds covering our women from head to toe. The facts in tradition point to the contrary. Beneath that dark exterior lies a myriad of colour and embroidery, each with a story to […]

The 5th Illustration Design Showcase B2

“Design generally has no rules. But in order to break them, you have to know them,” says AbuBakir Omar Balfaqih, author of The 5th Illustration Design Showcase B2. The lack of local books supporting local designs is what brought forth this collection which was a joint effort not only by professionals, but by students as […]

Dhahi Alali.

We are hosting the Saudi photographer who created depth and human solidity. He studies the features before he transmitting them in snapshots, therefore transmitting the silence to more than a word, here is Dhahi Alali. He discovered his abelites from the early 90’s. Dhahi deals with digital technology in a practical way but with specific […]

Amna Ali reza

A nonconformist at heart when it comes to art. Amna Ali Reda is Jeddah’s bohemian rhapsody. Bright and bold, exuding energy and down-to-earth, friendly, direct, and dedicated is what she’s all about. Amna’s sanctuary strikes you as mono-chromatic upon entrance, and shortly later transforms into a striking scene with splashes of red and green. Her […]

Ahmed Angawi

Every artist lives in a box. This box is where the world and their society put them. It is made of issues and restrictions of various textures: copyrights, creative space, clients, social norms, pricing, identity, and all things taboo. There is much debate as to which came first, the box or the restrictions. But who […]


Architecture is a significant characterization of a nation’s civilization. The [play] timeline of the development of Jeddah indicates such a slow motion in innovation and creativity that it is not quite qualified to compete with its past architecture, and consequently, stand out on the map of great cities. [link] For our contemporary movement, the following […]