A Decade in Saudi Publishing

Who says print is a dying medium? Advertisers found yet another way to seep into our subconscious and dangle their pretty little luxuries before our wanton hearts in Saudi Arabia… With an open playing field, the last decade saw a lot of first‘s in the publication realm in Saudi Arabia. The cultural buzz word lifestyle went into overhaul, branding everything from boutique one-off must have‘s to ultra cool furnishings and even into the printing press…the catchphrase of the 2000‘s was all about „it‘s a lifestyle, “ where every fresh new magazine attempted to vicariously take you there, covering where to go, what to do, where to be and what to wear. Let‘s revisit the burgeoning era of magazines to sprout in the last decade.

2006 What‘s Up Jeddah: Boasts on creating a lifestyle within a lifestyle. What‘s Up are part of the growing networks that work to keep you in the know for what‘s happening in Jeddah. To request your complimentary copy, visit: www.

2006 Dazzle, Jeddah: Only English magazine focusing on the dynamic Saudi female with the aim of enlightening, empowering and entertaining women, both local expatriates and Saudi alike. Available for sale at Jarir bookstore, Virgin Megastore, Danube Supermarkets, and Obeikan.

2007 Sayidaty Magazine English, Weekly: Published in both English and Arabic, this magazine offers insight into the Arab woman as a positive, cultured, and entrepreneurial figure within Saudi society. Available for sale at Jarir Bookstore, Virgin Megastore, Danube supermarkets, and Obeikan

2007 Oasis, Riyadh: Operated and directed by women, Oasis is a lifestyle magazine, based in English, that aims to highlight Saudi Arabia‘s artistic and cultural threads, which also includes special features on global issues. Available for sale at Jarir Bookstore, Virgin Megastore, Danube Supermarkets, and Obeikan

2008 Design Magazine, Saudi Designer‘s Network: We are totally biased, because we are the only design oriented publication to hit the circuit in Saudi. Fast forward two-years and we are still the only publication to cover design in Saudi Arabia. To request your complimentary copy and for subscriptions, visit:

2009 Mamlakati Your Tour Guide, Jeddah: English and Arabic seasonal city tour guide created by the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism throughout the Kingdom. Complete with map, directory, what to do and what to eat, this city guide will introduce you to the many activities Jeddah and the Kingdom offer. Available for sale at Jarir Bookstore, Virgin Megastore, Danube Supermarkets, and Obeikan .

2010 Agencies – Who‘s Doing What: A business to business advertising magazine in English, this quarterly publication is definite required reading for anyone in the ad industry. With indepth coverage of the industry, Agencies is a niche magazine that provides a medium through which leaders in the field can showcase their work network with other industry professionals. Available for sale at Jarir Bookstore, Virgin Megastore, Danube Supermarkets, and Obeikan.

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