Abdullah IDREES

rather than just learnt throughout the environment. It is one of the main incentives that make the person aware of his\ her surroundings. Art is all around us, yet unfortunately people here still insist that most of it is haram and inappropriate. When in fact, it is what makes the person look at life in a tasteful and new light. Sadly, nowadays, many artists think more materialistically rather than the message they want to deliever through their art. And because of all these wrong perceptions, art is not appreciated enough in our society.” With regards to the art we are witnessing today, he believes that “all art represents the era it was created in.

Many thought that modern and contemporary art is just a trend and will fade away as quick as it emerged. However, I believe the contrary. Modern art represents today’s world. Yet, we still face a problem and that is we don’t have enough culture to work with. We must first renew ourselves, direct our visions towards the future, and be reminded that art is identity- so never fear it!” And finally, his only advice to all the young artists evolving nowadays is: “First, be sure to acquire as much knowledge as possible. Reading and researching enhance the way you look at life.

Secondly, to take it slow! Never rush. In order for the artist and the art itself to grow, one must give it time.”

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