It used to be that living in Saudi, meant feeling isolated and protected from the rest of the world; almost like being in a bubble. Alienating, disturbing and incredibly frustrating, people had limited access to everything: news, fashion, music, books and even magazines, movies and toys…absolutely everything! Well, things have changed! Thank God for technology and the amazing products that came with it.

It started somewhere around the introduction of those monstrous satellite dishes, and suddenly, our information channels expanded and barriers began to crumble. Censorship was not such an issue anymore.

when the camera phone came out, sadly some rotten individuals took photos of girls in restaurants, malls and even in the streets for fun and exploitation. Bluetooth only made matters worse, for instead of transferring business cards it was used as a tool for flirting, harassment and the transfer of “dodgy” erotic files. So, you’re in a nice restaurant and the guy on the table across from you with a smile or a wink sends you a Bluetooth message with his name and number or asks you for yours. This may sound harmless enough, but it has been known to end well on the very rare occasion.

Then came “the internet,” which in fact is the single most amazing thing that could have ever happened to the world, and Saudi Arabia in particular.“Google-it” is the 2000’s catchphrase we’ve come to live by! In addition to settling knowledge-based disputes, the internet has also provided a new medi.

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