Book: Somewhere in the Middle of My Mind

A candid internal dialogue intr duces the reader to the poetry that is to follow… more honest ruminations by Hasan Eid and other Saudi poets on anger, pain, agitation, depression, guilt, paranoia, joy and appreciation.

Compiled by Hassan Eid, the first poem, Somewhere in the Middle of My Mind, which is also the books namesake, evokes strong imagery. Verses like “Somewhere in the middle of my mind, lies the critic who exposes his community, he carries a shining vision for transition, he’ll speak louder once assured immunity,” incite political puns and express existential frustrations.

After reading the satirical poem Jeddah, I’m not sure if we are supposed to feel sick to our stomachs for those of us that call this city home, or belt out a deep and hearty laugh at the true irony. But, descriptive lines like “Even though you raped my tires,” and “Jeddah the land that vomited pilgrims,” will make it hard to shake the visuals, no matter how hard you try!

Design Magazine founder and creator, Kholoud Attar, makes her poetic debut with the poem Space. A brief musing on the space that divides all things, Kholoud shares a heartfelt musing that we can all relate to: “The space between me and you is all the emotional baggage and insecurities we both carry. The space between me and myself is all the unborn thoughts that I’m afraid to give birth too. My new design of life mission: eliminate space.

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