Cappaccino is not something you come across everyday in Saudi .This newly opened italitan franchise Bistro is a new concept to Saudi.

With outdoor atmosphere on the corniche and a setting that transforms you to europe , cappaccino’s signature is it’s boat house style sitting on a marina. While the drinks are non-alcholic it is in a sense controversial and a first to witness in a conservative Country like Saudi , the seating certainly is not in anyway exceptional rahter very minimlastic. But this europian franchise have managed to evoke a mix between a lounge and a resturant.

that is catching fast with the elite in Jeddah. lounge music that you could buy a cd of could be heard in the backround of a chilled conversation you can’t avoid having there.

the attendants friendly and quick to notice an addicted cutomer to the place.. It’s also hard not to miss the fountain in the entrance of the Bistro, with it’s calming water voice. Set adjoint park hayatt hotel on Hamra Corniche.

The cafe is currently in its soft opening phase, but already appears to be drumming up custommers. Instead of focusing on large portians, its brings medium portians but each bite is breath-taking. Cappucchino offers a menu of cocktails and sandwiches that is perfect for late quick lunch. The Riviolli is excpetional that comes with white sauce.

Other than their drinks, coffee and desserts are also available which are sure to delight. I tried the shisha , which is not unique for it’s expensive price considering the market. I also managed to try a cosmoplitian which might be bitter for common taste but it is rare to find a good cranberry mix as this one. Like other Bistros you are served nachos with cheese as greetings . As for value they have managed to set themselves apart also on price, with everything in the menu shows it’s price in euro,. The foot of the bill should also come as a surprise but truely worth the unique evening.

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