Many women like to wear necklaces, bracelets or even a small broach inscribed with the name of Allah, in hope that the talisman will protect them against and ward off the evil eye. Bearing the name of the Almighty, such pieces tend to be adorned with precious stones and are normally quite expensive.

Worth much more than its weight in precious stones, MEQA is the most recent product of desire to hit those oh so faithful and fashionable wish lists. Using nanotechnology, the entire text of the Holy Quran is inscribed on a pink sapphire stone measuring only 5.8mm x 9.8mm, which is the smallest Quran in the world according to records.

Each stone has a unique serial number, and is accompanied by a magnetized certificate card containing unique information to identify its authenticity.

A high-powered microscope or an eye piece, the latter can be purchased from the same boutique, augments the elaborately scripted minute text on the precious stone. MEQA, an abbreviation for Micro Engineering of Quran as Art, also sounds similar to the most holy city in the Islamic world “Makkah,” which correlates the synergy between the product and the holy site of worship. MEQA’s breathtaking pieces are available in different shapes and colors, which are made from pure sapphire, with the holy text written in solid 24ct platinum. The stone comes in pink, a dark shade of purple and opaque, with a scratch proof layer that protects the holy script from direct contact with skin.

MEQA is a micro engineering item that turned into an artistic, fashionable product through advancements in science. “We have been able to use state of the art nanotechnology to make the smallest version of the Holy Quran and demonstrate the biggest miracle of God, through science and nature,” said Mir Mokhtari, the designer and creator of MEQA.

“I first got the idea in 2000, when we were patterning quartz pieces with minute text using nanotechnology, for identification purposes. After a few years of perfecting the design, we made the first complete piece in late 2002,” he added.

You can find MEQA pieces in London, Paris, Dubai and Iran. “Our opaque range can be purchased from Damas Jewelry, however, our exclusive pink range, the smallest version, can only be bought directly from us and made to order.

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