The beauty of Islam shines out of every photograph taken by the talented Princess Reem Al Faisal. Grand-daughter of the late King Al Faisal has dedicated her talent to the Arab beauty and Islam in particular. She reveals herself “as a Muslim artist, sprung from a native Saudi culture and history”, who attempts “to show […]

Sara bin hejeila

When did you begin your journey into the world of fashion? I think it was 2 years after I graduated from the US and had a banking working experience. I was a bitt frustrated from the Routine work…I needed to get excited I love change and I admire Beauty so I started with My Husband […]

Advertising To Saudi Women

Statistics show that Saudi women make up 30 per cent of the public sector workforce, and as much as 84 per cent of the educational sector. They comprise 40 per cent of all Saudi medical doctors, and hold successful positions as deans of colleges and universities, and as CEOs of banks and major companies. There […]

Ligne Roset

The old is now a new. Ligne Roset the furniture store closed its doors here in Jeddah and re opened them this month to a whole new style of Ligne Roset. Changing from its typical look, they re launched its collection and showcased new and different designers. They have managed to re invent the look […]


A grown up girls candy store, Lilies is filled with colorful pieces of the trendiest fashion accessories and clothing lines that are just simply eye candy. The clothing store opened its doors in June to welcome all the Jeddah based fashionistas. Located in the Ana Special mall in Tahlia, the store houses collections from the […]


Adam demands; therefore Eve submits. Eve insists; so Adam then compromises. And with this scenario the newlyweds start furnishing their first house. Eve& Adam together, contribute to the interior furnishing of their home and tend to make common mistakes they are both responsible for. Eve maybe concerned with luxury, as Adam maybe concerned with the […]


Culture shock and much to learn, is what I’ve experienced in my 2 months in Saudi Arabia. Lomar helped me realize both these things in only one day. Going from fashionable thobe’s to remembering to not shake a married woman’s hand, (I’m sorry Mona Alhaddad) all of it has been very interesting. Loai Naseem and […]

The Conference of the Birds

Bound in striking turquoise, this heavy and elegant coffee table book instantly attracts the attention of all. Through beautifully illustrated calligrams, The Conference of the Birds recites the story of thirteen birds in search of their mythological king – the Simorgh. In depicting characteristics found in human nature, each bird allegorizes reason for not embarking […]

Abdullah Bogis

Abdullah Bogis, dreamer, illustrator, creator. Jedawi, born and bred, Abdullah is quite adamant about being original…and, thank goodness for that. Drawing inspiration from Arabic folklore and mythology during his childhood, Abdullah renders these heroes and villains anew with his own personal artistic twist. Design Magazine sits with Abdullah to learn a bit more about what […]

Muhammad Al Ghamdi

الفنان والأديب المعاصر محمد الغامدي الذي استطاع بموهبته تحويل المواد المستهلكة لقطعة فنية جميلة المنظر. ربما قد سمعت أو رأيت عن فناناً استخدم أغراضاً كجزأً من عمل فني، بل أن هذا النوع من الفن أصبح متوارد، ولكن ما تراه في أعمال الفنان محمد الغامدي مميزاً. فقد استطاع أن ينفرد بعمله في الكثير من المناسبات والمعارض […]


Driving to the corner store, sleeping with the air conditioner on 18c wrapped up in a THICK blanket to keep you warm and leaving the tap on full blast when brushing your teeth may sound very familiar to either you or at least one family member (maybe even the whole family) Well why has MTV […]

Ola Hejazi

“It is very fascinating to me how we all came from one pair of parents. Adam & Eve, their story and infinite love that lasts until today, is the reason we are all here.” Abstract in form, deep in spirit. Ola Hejazi has set out, and succeeded, with infusing her spirit through visual expression, while […]