Game: Share Your 3azeezi

After the “3azeezi” jokes gained a great deal of popularity on new platforms such as BlackBerry and Twitter, Khalid Hakim and his team decided to get together to create a site where people all across the Middle East could share their “3azeezis.” Colorful and accessible, www.3azeezi. com compiles all your favorite “3azeezi” jokes and allows you to submit your own. With about 70 pages worth of jokes that dabble in word-play and cultural references, along with hall of fame and shame pages and a polished interface, no one could ask for a better site to browse for a good laugh. Also notable, and considerate to newbies, is the detailed description of the format of a “3azeezi” joke, provided under the “Anatomy of a 3azeezi” tab.

Thinking ahead, Hakim and his team are fully aware that in the future, 3azeezi jokes might get stale and have revealed that they hope “With time, to brand as a website for Arabs, by Arabs, that provides the space to share and interact with other Arab users around a fulcrum of humor and jokes.” The site already has a “Lost in Translation” page where users can translate Arabic phrases to English word-for-word, providing incoherent and usually hilarious results. Hakim confesses that, although the jokes can be brushed off as silly humor, he believes that 3azeezi jokes “Can actually be a form of self expression that sheds light onto serious political, social, and global issues.” Culturally relevant and witty, is a pastime page with a lot of dedication behind it and is definitely worth checking out.

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