Hisham Binjabi is another one of our celebrated artists. In his elegant manner he portrayed art as a mixture of depths and celestial elements that take the artist far from his present reality, into the world of pure expression. He is a classical artist, who is immersed in the beauty of the Arabian horse. He has dedicated a good part of his life in horsemanship and caring for it as a sport. From this activity, he has absorbed so much material that would shape his signature compositions; horse in actions and horses with folkloric backgrounds. Binjabi spoke of the tragedy of an artistic child, growing up with a thirst for colors.

He tells of the countless times he was punished for painting on walls but as a determined little artist he always found a way. The man whom he gives credit for training his artistic eye was a kind Sudanese art teacher who taught him to always keep his palette clean and look at his art from faraway.

Binjabi was blessed it seems, with the rare teacher who can change a child’s life. As a college student, Binjabi gathered his fellow artists in King Abdul-Aziz University and created the first Fine Arts club of which he was president for eight years, the longest session for any president of the club.

He also contributed to the decoration of the city of Jeddah, alongside it’s former mayor, Mohammad Saeed Farsi, by creating three of its infamous sculptures. Dedication is what he advises young pioneers to have and constant exposure to art everywhere. It is only by studying the world that we can truly understand ourselves and what we are trying to say. As the art community continues to grow and art is cultivated to become more widespread, more honest, and more innovative, there will be new pioneers who are inspired always, by those before them who have raised a flag. If you’re an artist be a pioneer and raise a flag of your own.

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