Adam demands; therefore Eve submits. Eve insists; so Adam then compromises.

And with this scenario the newlyweds start furnishing their first house. Eve& Adam together, contribute to the interior furnishing of their home and tend to make common mistakes they are both responsible for. Eve maybe concerned with luxury, as Adam maybe concerned with the finances. Whatever the reasons may be, the joy of building a home together should be treasured rather than be a burden on both parties. Mr. Nawaf Al Nassera renowned interior designer in Saudi Arabia with many years of experience in the field, has kindly offered to point out the common mistakes that Adam& Eve tend to make while decorating their new home.


Adam not getting involved unless it is his own parts of the house.

Letting Eve design the whole house and Adam design one room like an office or a gym, makes Adam uncomfortable everywhere but that specific room.

Using environmentally unfriendly material.

Using natural leather in hot weather is an example of ignoring the environment.

Not being able to choose the right entity to execute the work.

For specific job details in the home, the right person should be assigned to do or fix each.

Complete involvement of Adam thus not allowing Eve to give her opinion.

Even though Eve should be mainly responsible for the interior of the home, both need to work hand in hand in order to reach a common ground and create comfortable space. Not consulting design experts. If you need help, ask for it.

Not consulting professionals in some technical issues.

To save cost and time Adam goes on doing things in the house with no study and ends up repeating them because of the detailed mistakes which cost more money and more time.

Not having a preplanner budget.

Going to choose and buy items for the house without having a budget will turn out to be a disaster because there are so many choices and with no planned finances could go down the drain.

Choosing cheaper quality to attempt having a luxurious outcome.

If you are going to choose cheap quality settle for simple elegance.

Having cheap labour to do luxurious technical work Sometimes construction laborerswill need to put their own taste in little details, and you wouldn’t want it to be unprofessional.

Not defining the identity of the household members.

It could effect the unified look and feel of the home, let the house bead reflection of both Adam and Eve’s personality, not a reflection on how much money they have.


Ignores the surrounding environment.

One needs to keep the environment and placement of rooms and windows(eg: direction of sun light) into account when designing the home.

Not unifying the identity of the home.

Having one style for the house reflects the identity of the owners, but is not necessary in creating beautiful home.

Purchasing the bed or any piece of furniture before making sure it fits with the rest of the house.

Reference your home and its feel before making such a big purchase that can go against all your work-in creating a unified feel.

Making the salon the biggest part of the house.

This goes back to conforming to society. Measure the importance of having the main room as a salon, estimate how many times you would actually use it and whether its worth having all that space.

Being influenced by old cultural habits and its reflection in interior division.

Following tradition divides the house into specific parts that may never be needed or used. Therefore one should follow their own rules and divide the house to conform to their specific needs.

Crowding the house with many items and antiques. People, your home is not a museum, it is your sanctuary.

Over demanding without taking Adam’s opinion.

Adam can always give you pointers on how to do or place things in different ways. Just listen, he might be onto something.

Taking too many out side opinion.

Too many opinions lead to too many choices. Trust your gut when designing your home. And in the end, the choice should be both Eve’s and Adams.

Trying to copy other ideas in a cheaper way.

There should be no price tag on the creativity placed towards the home. Whether the item is cheaper expensive, if it is placed right then you will achieve beauty.

Not being able to compromise with Adam to reach a suitable decision.

The couple should discuss and reach common ground when making major decisions in the home in order to avoid regret.

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