The place to be, KANABA is the new side of DESIGN magazine where people are the center of attention. Ideas, insights and opinions are shared and expressed in a welcoming environment, and talented individuals are given a podium to demonstrate their passion. DESIGN KANABA is where we gather to kickback, and socialize with a smile.

Ladies and Gents the Kanaba events have taken off with all the excitement and anticipation of people about to go on holiday. A series of amazing events, each occasion will have its unique feel, astonishing atmosphere and hopefully leave everyone with a smile, great memory and new thoughts to ponder.

The first Kanaba event was organized in collaboration with Jeddah’s back pack group, a group popular with their hikes for a cause, such as “hike for education scholarships” and “hike for orphans” to name a few. The trek took place at Eagle Rock a beautiful tranquil natural setting.

The attendees gathered at Balsamico Too, headed to Eagle rock, and for short had a blast. But allow me to go into more detail, once we arrived, said our hellos, set up camp and announced the plan. People were getting geared up and began the walk up the mountain; it was tough gut wrenching work to go up and around the mount to the ice cream truck. The trek continued after the brief just for fun and smiles pit stop. Climbing up a steeper mountain and reaching the peak. At the top the scenery is breathtaking and everywhere you look is an ideal photo shoot location.

The clear blue canvas that’s our sky welcomes the sunset’s hues for a picturesque setting that only nature can produce. The blanket of the night sets in emphasizing the stars glow, looking like a million candles lit up in the sky, allowing us to briefly get back in touch with nature. After the actual hike was completed, the hikers gathered around a projector, watched a light hearted movie and enjoyed some “shawerma” while staying warm next to a crackling bonfire.

All day long the ambience was happiness; you hear laughter and see smiles everywhere you look. No matter how much expectation you put in your mind before hand the actual experience exceeds your preceding thoughts. Even if William Shakespeare (God rest ye soul) wrote this article he would not be able to express the amount of pleasure everyone had.

Hiking is definitely a Thursday well spent, a fun filled family occasion for outdoor lovers. Design Kanaba successfully concluded its first event, looking forward to the next exciting episode of Design Kanaba.

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