Layla Mousa

“Quality survives time. Whatever the taste, design or style – one should ensure quality is produced,” Layla Mousa on her approach to her passion- design. With a trendy vibe befitting her chicness, spirited and well-established Interior Designer- Layla Mousa believes quality should be the base of everything, especially when it comes to the criteria she lives by to produce her designs. The Interior Designer and home and wardrobe store from Jeddah gives her all to her work, whether it means travelling to the most exotic faraway place to find the perfect antique, which will enrich her store – Layla Home & Wardrobe, to spending endless “Fabric is very noble, and the more I play with it, the more I get out of it,” and that is clearly visible in her signature, strong yet simple designs of various curtain lines, bed spreads, women and children’s clothing. Looking even deeper into Layla’s world, the beds she designs with leather appliqué simply command ones attention. Her work on leather-embroidered curtains adds that tangy touch, “I like old things, especially fantastic quality. I have learnt even if it’s a style I don’t like, but one of superior quality – I will respect it for that,”

concludes Layla in the midst of yet another creative brainstorm. Interior designers, like Layla Mousa, look beyond beauty. Her message to other aspiring interior designers is: A focus on quality will establish the foundation of a visually bewildering design. which can only come from her spunky personality. You will also notice character-filled wooden dhows from Kenya used in the most unexpected and creative ways by being placed in an upright position, using its interior as shelves. This display makes a subtle statement about Layla’s vast exposure to culture throughout her store.

Her magnificent Baradaris or Indian Garden rooms carry you through an experience out of the Taj Mahal.

You will instantly be transported centuries back to the romantic era of the Maharajas, making you fall in love all over again. Especially majestic, is Layla’s personal favorite, a white marble Baradari dating back to the 18th century.

hours in her office buried in creating her fabulous pieces of hand-painted prints depicting either Arabesque styles or ancient culture. Her works are also reminiscent of an era much like those of the Sultans and Priests of the Persian and Ottoman Empire. She incorporates her style to work on various objects such as glasses, cups, saucers, pots, sieves and more.

When asked about inspiration, Layla had this to say,” Inspiration, for me, comes from my favorite pastime – sleeping at home.” She believes sleeping or being in the state of unconsciousness actually opens ones mind to creative thoughts and ideas. Layla has been part of many events, including three global fairs such as Maison & Object; the finest example of what the home furnishings industry

offers. She also participated in Biennale de Paris, who present art projects on an international level. Her achievements, she believes, are wholly supported by her rich heritage, which is a mix of Lebanese and Syrian roots weaved with a strong Saudi Arabian essence.

“Master your craft, and move between styles,” is what she encourages every individual to do when it comes to success, regardless of the field. Her haven is her starting point – the office, a place filled with upholstery, sketches, fabric, and designs of strong yet simple Arabesque calligraphy. Catchy phrases all over the place add that special touch to her work, along with her faithful helping hands, who she never ceases to credit. Her store, Layla Home & Wardrobe, is an afterthought; this is where she basically plays as she pleases and portrays her personality through her love for art and antique. Seeing how every designer has an aspect they focus on, Layla’s focus is on fabric.

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