Profile Lina Malaika, 20 years old, Jeddawiya Currently studies Graphic Design in Dar-Al-Hekma Her Passion- Fashion Design, Photography, Filmmaking Her Talent- Designing Abaya’s Inspired by: ugly abaya’s..

Lady-full-of-grace with a twist are what Lina’s abaya’s are all about. Yes, Lina’s abaya’s are your traditional cloaks, but with a twist of color. Being the creative person that Lina is, she decided to focus her positive energy on designing one of the most widely used products in Saudi Arabia- the abaya. She is young, creative, energetic, and full of ideas.

Lina’s concept is based on one simple cut. Her trade-mark is comfort, intricate patterns and simplicity. Modest and trendy are what her designs are all about. A very important factor to her design is ensuring she chooses fabric which is cool seeing how Saudi Arabia is a hot country. Lina does not believe in promoting “eye-catching” designs. “The Abaya should do its job and at the same time have a small element of design to it”. She works around two concepts. One is simple with a chink from the neckline to the bottom and the other has a pattern which is placed either on the sleeve or around the neckline.

Lina has an endless choice of patterns customers can choose from to place on their choice of abayas.

Wear it to a wedding or to college- they are durable, and easy-to-use.

Lina’s ambitions do not just stop here. She also intends to design “theeyab” a line of Saudi women’s traditional clothing.

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