Mariam Abulhasan majored in Interior Design at the American University in London, Westminster. After over nine years of mastering her craft, Mariam re turned to Saudi Arabia to launch a career as an interior designer.

The road was rough and clients were not use to local talents. She often saw reactions from local clients implying, “Locals can never achieve the precision of western talents.” Unintimidated by these comments, Mariam comments, “If you want to encourage your fellow countrymen to excel, then you need to be open to what they have to offer.” She confesses that, today, things are starting to change slowly.

“Interior design is more about zoning, and understanding human behaviour in spaces,” she asserts.

Her focus: Commercial Design.

“I feel a sense of freedom when it comes to designing for commercial clients. This freedom is not achievable in residential design. I also enjoy the challenges of designing a commercial space, because I find the structure of corporate world appealing. The thought that I can have a positive effect on somebody’s business is exhilarating.”

Mariam was responsible for revamping the auto mobile service department at Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd in Al Khobar. Coincidently, Mariam has now found a new passion that focuses on interior accessories, particularly mirrors. Her background as an interior designer plays a huge role in planning her pieces. “I try to imagine as many uses and spaces that can benefit from mirrors.”

She showcases mirrors that can be used in all sorts of commercial spaces, homes and gardens. She first came up with this idea when someone from her family commissioned her to design a living space. Everything in the process was going smoothly, until she reached the bathroom.

She could not find the right mirror in the market to satisfy her customer’s demands. Thus, she decided to customize a design for that person. “You’ll be surprised to know how difficult it is for people to find the right kind of mirror for their space. Don’t forget that a mirror is a reflection – a reflection of one’s self.

” In a click, this incident pushed TOP 3 DESIGNERS – Mariam Abulhasan to seek a business opportunity by designing her own line of mirrors. Her mirror designs range from art deco to art novo to progressive.

“Modern and simple lines guide a lot of my work, even though I might be inspired by very complex and organic elements .” She often plays with different mediums and materials.

Generally, Mariam avoids wood because she feels that carpentry in Jeddah is relatively weak and lacks proper tools. “I refuse to have imperfect or low-quality products.

I believe in the need to set standards for customers so I can establish a relationship of trust.

” She would rather work with steel, because locally, welders and craftsmen are more perceptive to working with or bending steel.

She also uses crystals, broken mirrors, and stones for many of her mirror designs. Her work, at times, follows every clear line of logic,

“But I also like to break the rules slightly. My mirrors are like portrait frames and the person looking through them is like an art piece. There for each mirror must compliment it subject; it’s a simple but deep logic.

” Mariam Abulhasan has a custom line that she created. “I organize my mirror designs into col lections. An element of blue must appear at least once in each collection.”

Mariam thrives on being ambitious and constantly work ing,no matter what. According to her, every bit of

knowledge and experience she gains only expands her horizons and helps perfect her craft. With that in mind, she hopes to expand her mirror line to interior accessories in the long run. TOP 3

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