Mohammed Nairooz

His work mimics the art of the renaissance in the sense that it glorifies the human

that fully expresses the emotion of every scene that he captures. “Light and shadow are your friends. Respect them. Play them well,” he says. Tell us about one of your quirks, Nairooz! “I sing 7/24. Even in the shower!” Nairooz’s talent extends to conquer even the musical world. He graduated from the Music Center in Doha with a good singing voice. It brings one to think about how music and photography could be related; where music speaks with the rise and fall of notes, photography speaks with the rise and fall of light and shadow.

“Listen to me. I am Qatari. I am an Arab with an international approach. I am not here to offend anyone. I am just here to deliver my art. and mentor to rising photographers, Nairooz speaks humbly of himself and his work. He does, however, offer three wise words, “Practice, practice, practice.” We have all heard this sentence before but have not perhaps appreciated its meaning. Nairooz takes practice further by “reading” other photographers’ work, by looking past the shallow layer of the visual, reading the light, and understanding the implications and emotions that a photograph carries. Nairooz has mastered the art of “looking around” and finding working material wherever he is. As a citizen of Qatar, he works hard to become a pioneer in photography. That, he believes, is the contribution he offers to his country.

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