Driving to the corner store, sleeping with the air conditioner on 18c wrapped up in a THICK blanket to keep you warm and leaving the tap on full blast when brushing your teeth may sound very familiar to either you or at least one family member (maybe even the whole family)

Well why has MTV SWITCH been the focus of multimedia ? Because MTV is simply making it crystal clear for only the ignorant youth (or arrogant elderly) to understand.

What the youth don’t quite understand that it is going to be our generation that is going to be witnessing this soon-to-come shock of scary unpredictable weather change and how it will exactly affect every single living thing on this planet.

Sometimes when giving a person advice, and if they choose not to listen, they simply just won’t. Sometimes you need to talk to them as if they were a child, give them what they want to hear and nothing in between. Instead of this being a history book of instructions, MTV has done it in a way only they can. Simple, to the point and no need for the ‘B.S.’ in between.

‘Be Kind To Earth’, ‘Lolo The Donkey (Planet Saver)’ or something as simple as ‘Save The Earth and You’ll Be Saving Yourself’ . These are all little videos (some are on youtube) that want to advertise in the simplest way to attract the youth without using too much information about what is going wrong . They are just informing us on what to do . Simple.

The website has people from around the world writing about their situations in blogs, there are videos of all the funny and interesting ads made in only MTV fashion and there is even a ‘Carbon Calculator’ on the page that shows you exactly how much Co2 (the stuff that is killing our Earth and eventually could kill my future children along with Grandpa Tariq) are you using just by keeping a computer on screensaver.

The internet is a way of information passed in a matter of seconds, If this day and age a person cannot take a few minutes of their day to show how to prevent it and what causes it? I guess they can only watch MTV Switch videos all day on youtube before they get the picture.

Are we that ignorant, lazy and ‘too old’ to be learning how to live ? Seriously ?

“Global warming’s tipping point means that if we don’t do something in the next 10 years, it will be too late to do anything at all.

So there are easily 3650 days left to say the world . . . . . and counting”

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