Qusai, aka don legends, the first Saudi hip-hop artist member of the the group Jeddah legends has launched his second cd with hit song THE JOB. “When design first sat with Qusai it was apparent from his mellow attitude the he was a humble artist not living the wild life of rappers as people might assume . The 32 years old hip-hop don said that during his long stay in the US he has done it all and tried it all as underground artist, It was more competitive to stand out from the crowd there , here in the middle east I’m considered a pioneer so I need to accommodate for the Middle East market.

He said firmly “even though other artists said that my music has become mellow , I don’t mind ,my music is for the audience not for other musicians.” Qusai moves on the talk about his song with gypsy kings and the great collaboration that came out as a mix of two genera of music that are closer to each other than they are apart. And he also describes his relationship with other people as tight and that’s how he would like to keep it, so they call all build the hip-hop industry to new coming artists.

The space of freedom to talk here in the Middle East might be limited , and not all his music is as out there as he want to. Out of respect to culture and its boundaries expresses Qusai but yet he confesses to design of hidden tracks that will come out after he leaves this life. Design had the honour to have a second interview with Qusai. And was glad to see to follow Jeddah legends success.

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