Safi Jamalallail

Every shot tells a story, every image captivates the heart and triggers the mind. With a unique eye for beauty and detail, Saudi Arabian photographer, artist and architect, Safi Jamalallail, is rising to prominence for his sleek techniques and creative expression. His aesthetics speak of his continuous desire for inspiration. While working at a major media group in Jeddah and Dubai, Safi regularly contributed his creative pieces at Saudi’s Design Magazine, as well as featured various and numerous artwork in major exhibitions around Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

The Makkah born artist graduated from the Umm AlQura University with a BA degree in Architecture in 2007,after that he seized every opportunity to grow creatively and widen his exposure while learning new skills.

Now he spends his time between Jeddah and Dubai where he pursues his passion for photography, artistic and community endeavors.

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