Sara bin hejeila

When did you begin your journey into the world of fashion?

I think it was 2 years after I graduated from the US and had a banking working experience. I was a bitt frustrated from the Routine work…I needed to get excited I love change and I admire Beauty so I started with My Husband one Day then ended up with my self since I took up Hijab

Why did you choose to design local wear as well as hijab wear?

My mane target was to help the women that are laking the market for Hijab wear then along came the demand for local wear.

Where did you receive training or take courses in fashion?

I think the my Artistic surroundings was an inspiration for me. Both my Parents had the eyes for art weather it was paintings or Antiques mostly European. I took up the Initiative to go on and take up Intensive Fashion Illustration classes in Florence Italy. Where I met other different designers that excited me even more to continue.

What is your mission in making these designs?

My mission is to help out those that need direction and ideas of how to go about hijab Wear

My intention was to make it as easer and more practical as possible Moreover, you feel respected, up to date in fashion and can fit anywhere in the world.

Your logo is beautiful and unique, how did it come about?

I will not repeat… it took me at least one year to come up with this logo… its on the website 🙂

What inspires you when you work?

everything around me inspires me weather its nature animals other designers even furniture sometimes.

What other designers do you look up too?

I love Black and White so Chanel is a Classique for me. I also Like Cavalli and Armani

Are you having a hard time in the market since you deal with hijab wear specifically? And how do you feel the western world will react to your clothing line?

Not really, and since I have been in Paris for two years under treatment…I have got lots of complements and questions on how to put the head wear. My DR who is the number One DR in Paris has asked me to come up with a line for his patients which hopefully looking forward to in the near future.

I heard your first designs were actually for men, and that you first began to design your husbands thobes years ago? Why didn’t you continue with mens thobes? And will you pursue it in the future?

Yup I enjoy dressing up who ever is around me all the time 🙂 Thus, I started with my husband since I used to be the one that enjoy shopping for him back in the US and Europe but when I got back to Arabia I realized that all he wears is that dull white thobe everyday even if he changes it I would not notice because it looks the same to me and one day I saw my great grandfather’s picture with his digla opening side ways and since I like to change I got excited and told him why don’t you change your thobes into different cuts instead of having the opening in the middle have it sideways with a zipper and I took out some of his shirts I remember clearly to explain to him what I mean…. it was Prada and Hugo Boss and told him do the sleeves with an edge instead of plain round and maybe more fitted around the shoulder to make it more sporty look. When He liked the idea he took it up to his friend at work (3Points) and asked him to demonstrate it for him it was right then where everyone at work asked his freind to imitate his Thobes… He came up to me one day with a smile telling me everyone is calling the sleeve Fadil’s sleeve I was Happy that it was a nice succefull idea….

I was still cut up at work (banking) did not have the time for Designing then but I had it in mind the whole time but I guess it got taken right under my shin …

If I have the energy that I had I will try my best to get back into it in the future…

Where do you see Niyaa 5 years from now?

Maybe I’m to ambitious…I simply see it going global.

You create colored abayas rather than the plain black ones you always see, what made you take the step to be the first to try and initiate color rather than just use the customary black color?

I believe that color is created by our creator and it does bring harmony and changes your moods. Thus, wearing Black the whole time I don’t find it Healthy so I came up with Different colored Abbayas but I still do Black for those that perfer it for evening.

What do you think distinguishes you amongst the other Arab designers and abaya designers?

I think every designer has her/his personal touch someway or another. Maybe What distinguishes me is I like to take risks as well as make my abbayas two in one where you can where it as a traditional long Abbay with a European twist to it whether in its couture or tuches added in its colore. I Believe I was also the first to introduce Zippers, buttons and pokets to the Abbays to make it more practical.

You also offer a haute couture line where you customize dresses or hijab wear for clients, will you always be offering this service?

Yes Its My pleasure to serve in every way possible 🙂

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