The Art of Letters

Every shot tells a story, every image captivates the heart and triggers the mind. With a unique eye for beauty and detail, Saudi Arabian photographer, artist and architect, Safi Jamalallail, is rising to prominence for his sleek techniques and creative expression. His aesthetics speak of his continuous desire for inspiration.

In essence letters are drawings that have an agreed global meaning. The lines, curves, and angels make up the familiar letters. In his new work of art Safi takes this familiarity and gives the letters an artistic point of view.

Safi commented on his work the Art of letters “Every letter is associated with a certain incident or feeling we have experienced. The idea behind this art work was to link those memories and feelings, and express them in the Art of letters”. This work is characterized by the use of lines and curves of the letters, to form artistic pieces in the shape of Islamic geometric shapes. Islamic decoration centres on simple shapes like straight lines, squares, triangles, stars, and circles. These shapes are still but somehow convey movement.

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