This issue’s d-tube features the def poetry of Suheir Hammad. Doubling as the main protagonist in the film: Salt of This Sea, Suheir is a Palestinian-American poet, author and political activist. Sparking controversy with guillotine-sharp words against oppression, her skits are personal, profound, and unforgiving , mike Check is a personal favorite with poignant verses. Born in Amman, Jordan to Palestinian refugee parents that later immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, Suheir’s poems narrate her experiences as a marginalized Arab woman in America, her anguish and sorrow for Palestine. Suheir’s narrative inspires hope, service towards mankind, and action against oppression.

“this is Mike check your job, and I am always random… It was folks who looked smelled maybe prayed like me, can you hear me Mike. Red cheeked with blond buzz cut cornflower eyes and a cross round your neck Mike check.

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