كرييتف كرَش

صفي لنا شخصيتكِ بثلاث صفات:
Creative, nature-lover, easily distracted
أذكري لنا ثلاث شخصيات ألهمتك:
My mother
Queen Rania
Khadija bint Khuwailid
ما هو شغفكِ/ حلمكِ؟
Firstly, Homegrown Market. But my dream is also to work with the less fortunate in a creative and entrepreneurial way to help them realise their potential.
ما هو الشيء الذي تحبين اقتناءه ولديكِ مجموعة منه؟
I love buying art every time I travel somewhere as well as miniature figures.
ما الذي يميز هومجرون ماركت؟
It is not just a marketplace but also a creative community.
Homegrown Market is a concept store that serves a platform for Middle Eastern creative talent. It allows them to focus on the creative process whilst we take care of the legal aspects, the sales, money exchange, and customer service.

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