Hob Thisrt

Tshirt line launch in LIFE June 27th 2008 The idea of arabizing t-shirts by adding Arabic calligraphy and imagery creates a friction which in its self is are presentation of the hybrid identity of Arab youth today which is often in conflict with its global in fluences and its own tradition and identity. The word […]


TAKE MY PICTURE Behind the Veil and in Front of the Camera In our last issue, Design called for the brave and daring to defy Saudi Arabia’s taboo over photographs of oneself. Khaled Gashgari one of Jeddah’s shinning photographers went down the streets of Jeddah and gave us a good statistic of 1000images of people […]

Salem Bajunaid

Jido Salem Bajunaid , as he is known to many oozes character, wisdom, passion, and tradition. A renowned artist in the region, Salem Bajunaid is not only a public figure and an inspiration to many of today’s youth in the region. He is also known for his Islamic Calligraphic artwork which is displayed in various […]


Mariam Abulhasan majored in Interior Design at the American University in London, Westminster. After over nine years of mastering her craft, Mariam re turned to Saudi Arabia to launch a career as an interior designer. The road was rough and clients were not use to local talents. She often saw reactions from local clients implying, […]


This article is posthumously dedicated to the illustrations and recounts of historical poetry of Abdurahim Alireza, whose life work will endure and shall fondly be remembered. Abdurahim Alireza manifested his insight for the mundane into something everyone could relate to, caricatures. He seemed to understand that introspection into any societies’ tribulations can be relayed through […]


Qusai, aka don legends, the first Saudi hip-hop artist member of the the group Jeddah legends has launched his second cd with hit song THE JOB. “When design first sat with Qusai it was apparent from his mellow attitude the he was a humble artist not living the wild life of rappers as people might […]


What is Samandal? Much like the dual Habitats of amphibious creatures, Samandal Comics, thrives between two worlds, the word and the image , thr traditional and the experimental. It hopes to reach out across borders and languages with a bit of comic on their mind. The contributors hail from various reaches of the globe. The […]


VISION & LEADERSHIP: Architecture is a profoundly meaningful profession deserving all your passion. If your goal is merely to earn a living then there are 100s of professions where you can do this much easier than architecture. Believe in a higher ideal that is for the betterment of your environment, community and humanity. Believe as […]


Dubai, December 11, 2009: City of Life, the highly anticipated multilingual feature film shot earlier this year in the United Arab Emirates by director Ali F. Mostafa, will premiere tonight as the Arabian Nights Gala at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). The Arabian Nights Gala film represents an outstanding cinematic achievement from the Arab […]

Ahmad Kutbi

1. Show Your Best Work, and Keep It Concise. A potential client doesn’t want to look through every photo you have ever taken. They’re interested in seeing a good range of your skills, and under standing your personal style. Select images that are the absolute pinnacle of your portfolio, and only display 10-20 of each […]

Arabic Latin Logo Adaptation

I find it most irritating to look at all those badly done Arabic versions of there Latin counterparts. The lack of attention given to detail that will in some cases even make the Arabic logo stronger than their Latin original. As graphic designers and visual communicators we need to step up and start working harder […]


Cappaccino is not something you come across everyday in Saudi .This newly opened italitan franchise Bistro is a new concept to Saudi. With outdoor atmosphere on the corniche and a setting that transforms you to europe , cappaccino’s signature is it’s boat house style sitting on a marina. While the drinks are non-alcholic it is […]