9SickSick Productions

Take a seat. You’re about to be schooled by three of Saudi’s most prestigious professors of underground culture. Ahmad “Baloo” Alammary, Anmar Madani, and Ibz Abbar are the masterminds behind9SickSick Productions, a company aimed at educating “anybody and everybody,” to the non-commercial subculture of music and art.

Forget Music Master. Forget Mega Star. Those stores, along with the dusty CDs they house, are things of the past. 9Sick-Sick is here to expose the new generation to everything underground through the sick beats and uncensored art that defines it.

Continuing this lesson in terminology, Ibz clarifies, “House by definition means you don’t have to speak English to appreciate the music.” 9SickSickhopes to spread this “language of beats” through its inimitable music and raw art. “Through our promotions, we are pursuing music as an art form,” explains Ibz, the graphic designer who is more like your cool art teacher who encouraged you to always express yourself even if it meant spray painting the principal’s car and getting expelled.“9SickSick is fun. There are no restrictions.”

But 9SickSick is also serious. It’s serious in its mission to expose the young Saudi generation to something other than Tiesto. “We want to educate people,” states Anmar, “while constantly introducing them to something new.”

Like a mentor, 9SickSick is a venue for fresh talent to be matured and refined. “Although Saudi is rich with talent, it is difficult, due to cultural restrictions, to display such forms of art to the public,” reveals Baloo.

“The 9SickSick is set to act as a talent-scouting agency for those who cannot find the proper channels to show the world what they can do. ““DJs are the new musicians, ”instructs Anmar, a renowned house DJ himself who spins all over the United States. Focusing on DJs, but open to designers and artists of all kinds, 9SickSick Productions is a congregation dedicated to creativity; or as Baloo asserts, “a forum for Saudi innovators with global oomph.”

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