Architecture is a profoundly meaningful profession deserving all your passion. If your goal is merely to earn a living then there are 100s of professions where you can do this much easier than architecture. Believe in a higher ideal that is for the betterment of your environment, community and humanity. Believe as fact that architecture and design can change the world .and run your practice accordingly. Lead by example There is far too much rhetoric in the Arab world so let your actions speak louder than your words; your leadership and legacy will be judged by what you do .not what you say.


When the Andalusians built Al Hambra it was unlike any other architecture before it. By using the cutting edge technology of their time they created the state of the art in architecture of its era. Al Hambra is a timeless .piece of architecture with enduring beauty The moral of the above is innovation, not imitation, is the essence of architecture and its most fundamental attribute that needs to be embodied by all architects. .Don’t imitate.


Architecture is a knowledge-based profession. The most important asset in knowledge-based professions is people. Architecture in the 21st Century is too complex and sophisticated for one man or woman to understand .every dimension of alone A good architecture firm is like a good hospital with experts in different specializations. Make sure you understand the different areas of expertise you need within .the office and hire the best you can afford.

CLIENTS The greatest projects in history result from a great collaboration between a great architect and great client Architects must have the listening skills of a psychology gist. Listen to your clients both analytically and with empathy. It doesn’t matter how creative you are, your creativity is only a tool to provide the client what they need. If you don’t believe this it’s unlikely you’ll get .many of your designs actually built.


Nurture a culture within your firm that embodies your highest ideals, values and beliefs and foster an environment where each individual can reach his or her full potential and where mutual respect is the default modus operandi. Do not pretend to believe in one thing and treat people another. For example if you believe in ‘equality’ then don’t discriminate according to gender, religion or race.


Purchase the best tools (i.e. PCs, software etc.) you can afford to create the most sophisticated, informative, polished and professional presentations you can Purchase the best technology you can afford to maintain effective communication between you and your partners .((i.e. video conferencing.


Today’s architectural firms invariably need to partner with other specialists from all over the world to execute a project including engineers, cost consultants, project managers, interior designers, artists (etc.) … so strive to be a great .partner to work with Your team’s ability to work effectively and creatively within a consortium is one of the most important new skills .needed to succeed as an architectural office today.


Don’t run after publicity. If you’ve done something worthy, .publicity will find you When being interviewed, know how to explain your .projects simply, effectively and with conviction Architectural & design magazines are your best friends and the most effective media architectural projects are shared with the world; give them time and know how to write about .your projects for them.


While it may sound naïve, however you cannot be a truly significant architect and be in any way involved in corrupt practices. Being a meaningful architect encompasses believing in the noblest ideals; and corruption is the antithesis of .these

Believe in and promote ethical practice no matter how difficult a path that may lead to. The cycle of corruption in the Arab world MUST be broken so become part of the solution .and do not perpetuate this ugly phenomenon.

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