ATHR gallery in Jeddah, KSA

Athr Gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery in Saudi Arabia. A platform dedicated to Saudi and Arab artists, it strives to cultivate a situation that is deeply connected to its place and time.

The Gallery fosters dialogue, connection and new understandings of collective meanings and values, while providing a public space in which the exhibitions become an exemplary gesture of the power of subjectivity to the audience at large .

The gallery is actively involved in promoting the contemporary art scene in Saudi Arabia professionally as well as academically through each of its participation and endorsement of Edge of Arabia, London and Venice Biennale 2009, and Art Dubai 2009.

Furthermore, the Gallery aims at bringing the work of internationally acclaimed con temporary artists from around the world to .the art society of Saudi Arabia The ultimate vision of Athr is to pioneer and embrace efforts to promote art education and instil art appreciation at all levels of society across the kingdom thus unearthing, developing and exporting untapped creativity and talent.

These images” are universal; their subjects are more a part of my heritage than the dalla (traditional teapot) which is considered to be a symbol of Saudi “culture.

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