Bandar Ayyad


Bandar Ayyad, 27 years old- Product of Jeddah. Graduated from North Carolina State in 2003. Majored in Computer Engineering Day Job- ARAMCO, His Passion- Painting & Sculpting. Inspired by Craig Mullins, Ian McCaig, AshleyWood & Alex Ross.

Fave Styles- Surrealism + Sci- Fi

Bandar’s Words of Wisdom

“Go with how you feel. Don’t let anybody restrict you. Get out of your comfort zone. Go beyond it, that way you create a brand new style in itself!”

Hot, hip and happening. Bandar Ayyad’s passion for art is what completes him. When he’s not working on his paintings, he’s doodling around, and voila, he works his magic!

“When a certain something suddenly strikes my attention, I focus on it and it naturally expands from there”, says Bandar. An excellent example of this is his work titled “Roof Top”.

“Roof Top” was inspired through small sketches in his little notebook that he carries around and sketches in whenever he has a minute available.. The notebook consists of sketches of different people in different poses as per he gets inspired. When Bandar finds something intriguing, he scans it and starts working on it in Photoshop.

Not only has Bandar mastered both the Sci-Fi and Surrealism styles, a summer college course in Clay Sculpting made him embrace the art, hence making it part of his passion today.

“Not a lot of people understand what I do which makes it discouraging. Nevertheless, I am satisfied. It>s more than a hobby to me,» says Bandar when asked about difficulties he faces as an artist in Jeddah.

Something else he’d like to point out is that art has no set standard, and creativity has no limits. He also does not believe in hiding his techniques since how no matter how much you follow a technique, your style shines through.

“I think people are comfortable sticking to a certain genre, in other words creating what everybody knows and what they have seen.

For them, experimenting with other styles and influences means they have to suffer through having to defend their creations when they step into unchartered territory. And that’s just the easy way out.”

To see more of Bandar’s work, you can check his stuff out on Deviant Art.

D.A. Username: VIIEGA

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