When it comes to living space everyone has their own individual style and preferences of colour, design, shapes, placement, and we also value items differently some for beauty of design others for the entanglement of a memory.

This new section of Design Magazine will take you on a journey of insight on the sentimental meaning behind the designs and furniture pieces inside the homes of Jeddah’s established and respected people in the community.

Nawaf the well spoken gentleman interior designer, and his wife May designed their home with happiness in mind, taking it step by step decorating their home with timeless pieces that are awe inspiring, and discovering the stories, memories and thoughts behind the eclectic choices that make up their beautifully orchestrated home.

Nawaf the designer responsible for designing many “happy places” as he calls it, that approaches his designs by finding out who you are, what your personality is, and makes your interior suit your lifestyle. As we progressed through the rooms, the more I got to know his personality, and the more I understood his home and how it suited his and his family’s lifestyle. Here is how his happy place looks behind closed doors.

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