A Philippine design-based firm, Celestina isn’t just a fashion brand but a fashion statement. Handcrafted by Philipino artisans using age-old techniques, Celestina products are produced only by materials from the exotic Philippines. Starting with bags, this brand diversified in 2007 into making exquisite jewellery that is sold all around the world. Today, Celestina creates exclusive eyewear, shawls and scarves that are beautifully crafted out of unique natural raw materials.

This brand is highly acclaimed as not only has it been featured in Vogue USA Dec ’06 issue, Womens Wear Daily, Elle Accessories, New York Financial Times and other international publications but it has also been adorned by famous actresses Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Alicia Keys. Whats more is that Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore won best dressed at the Golden Globe Awards while holding a Celestina Bag. For all you beautiful ladies out there, go and get yourself Celestina product today and feel “Hollywood” special !

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