Dhahi Alali.

We are hosting the Saudi photographer who created depth and human solidity. He studies the features before he transmitting them in snapshots, therefore transmitting the silence to more than a word, here is Dhahi Alali.

He discovered his abelites from the early 90’s. Dhahi deals with digital technology in a practical way but with specific goals. He cared to build a reputation for himself to lead a creative future. He started embodying all the colours of life. He didn’t look for the surfacing language of the picture but concentrated on the depth of the hearts he was portraying. His pictures range from from the beautiful sunset in Makkah to capturing the expression of the joyous children and their silence. His pictures are always has peace as its slogan.

His passion for creativity has taken him very far from his major in economy from CBA . Now his ambitions grow toward film directing and taking advantage of all the possibilities while working as a creative designer with AL AIN.

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