Escape Your Emotions

Growing up in the plush and idyllic town of Piestany, Slovakia, Peter Blakovi wiled away his time creating images on his Amiga and developed a passion for digital art. Blakovi moved on to study architecture in Bratislava and later on succeeded in obtaining a career in 3D animating while also pursuing his own personal endeavors in the field.

His website,, works as his portfolio and an outlet to expose his art and original software to the public.

His biggest project is Flame Painter, a program which gives you more of what you want from Microsoft Paint and less of the overwhelming choices on Adobe Photoshop. Flame Painter allows the user to create polished digital images using erratic tools that do the painting while the artist guides the cursor.

In less than a minute you can create something worthy of a hospital waiting room, but by utilizing the agreeable amount of options, stunning and complex images can be created. With the flame painter tool you can create silky fluid contours or knotty twisted whirlpools across the screen, depending on the “chaos” level.

The tools also allow you to experiment with light; for instance, with the gradient tool set, you can create what you see at a rave drenched in colored lights. An online version of Flame Painter can be found under experiments, which is by far the most exciting part of the site. Here, the imaginative Blakovi allows the user to play with the earth’s four elements in their most realistic patterns of movement, while also creating the setting. Not to encourage pyromania, but shooting swirling balls of fire at wooden structures you have created and watching it slowly burn into a puff of smoke and embers never seemed so easy or visually stimulating. Other experiments include an accessible pixel animator, arcade style games with amusing graphics and a bio-experimantal laboratory. It is evident that Blakovi wants to simulate another world where we are permitted to be inventive and reckless and if these experiments are mere blueprints for what is to come, then this page is well worth bookmarking.

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