Esh Elly

“What the…!” Esh Elly? Yes, brace yourselves, Youtubers – BADR SALEH has got his eyes on you!

It’s actually quite an amusing story. It all started when Badr went to audition at U-Turn Productions for a part that was, well…. not for this one. But, before he knew it, they thought that he was the perfect candidate to patrol those channels. And so, Esh Elly? was born.

The name of the show was completely his idea. At first, he gave it much thought, but reached a dead end; no name was catchy enough. Then, whilst conversing with the director, it hit him head on. ‘Esh Elly’ is a very common phrase these days; it can be the reaction to almost anything, whether funny or plain stupid, one can just ponder and respond with…. Esh Elly?

The show itself is prepared for and hosted by Badr himself, with production and filming orchestrated by U-Turn, based in Jeddah. When the pilot was released, not that many people accepted the show readily, nor Badr as host. Yet, he still managed to win over his viewers creating a growing and loyal fan base. His aims are not to become just another comedian, but rather to develop his craft, master voice effects and manipulate his facial expressions to simply, make others laugh. Upon a phone interview, he mentioned that it is very important for him not to make any religious or offensive remarks because to him, such subjects should not be the source of laughter.

Not without its critics, Esh Elly is either turning critics into fans or keeping critics loyal by giving them something amusing to critique, which has catapulted the show from being the 280th most viewed show in Saudi Arabia to the FIFTH.

Badr also expressed how the show may still be at a stage where there isn’t a clear message to be delivered to the audience, but thats not an issue. Because for now, he is just glad he is pleasing his viewers whilst they enjoy scores of comical Youtube skits.

This is just the beginning for badr . As long as the positive feedback is there, he will do his best to sharpen his skills, and be the best he can be. And indeed just the beginning it was! Badr has been offered a position as a radio announcer in Rotana station in Riyadh for a show called [Shababo].

He’ll be starting yet another chapter in his astounding career shortly. From Youtube Police to Master of Ceremonies? Youtubers, this is your chance to keep your eyes and ears…. on him! Esh Elly?

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