Fahmi Farahat

”Is that a flask of coffee over your shoulder?” ”No, it’s my Roll top!” In compact form, the vital statistics being a mere 28cm long and 8.3cm wide and weighing about the same as a mini notebook, the most amazing prototype of portable technology yet will soon debut on the market. Introducing Rolltop. A flexible 33cm OLED multi-touch screen transforms into a graphic tablet comprising a 43cm flat screen complete with a rear support spine. This versatility of design function also enables use as a primary monitor ideal for gaming. Wi-Fi ready, incorporated webcam, loudspeaker and cool touch keypad, the versatile Rolltop can stand, sit and lie down almost anywhere one may choose to unroll. No need for a laptop bag, and all the necessary computer utilities are integrated within this innovative all-in-one device consisting of the holding belt, which doubles as the power cable, power supply and interactive pen.

With more than 3.5 million views on youtube, Rolltop is redefining portable laptop design. The over the shoulder design has been showcased in the colors of red, and metallic. Created by the German designer Evgeny Orkin with the support of SchlagheckDesign Rolltop is perfect for architects, students and designers alike. After use, simply roll back up into a space saving scroll.

The evolution of the film industry in Saudi Arabia is gaining speed, with regional festival support by events such as the Gulf Film Festival and the Dubai Film Festival. Successful entrants of these regional festivals then travel the arduous path towards the highly competitive Cannes Film Festival.

A local Saudi director and filmmaker, Fahmi Farouk Farahat is committed to doing his part. Farahat recently debuted his comedy, The Corporation, at the Gulf Film Festival in April, which also competed in the Festival’s Gulf Competition under the feature segment. “During the screening, thank God, no one walked out, which happened in other films. Overall the film has some issues, its low-budget, but so did all the films competing.

The Non-Saudis even the GCC folks didn’t really get it – they didn’t believe that in Saudi it’s like that! The film is made for Saudi’s. Saudi’s and foreigners living in Saudi really loved the film, but the film doesn’t transcend culture, in the sense that a person who knows nothing of Saudi would see it and still laugh,” elaborated Farahat.

Farahat also competed in the documentary section with A Night to Remember. “The whole theater was laughing and crying at the same time, which is great for a filmmaker overall after the screening we heard how people loved the characters, the story, the culture,” reminisced Farahat.

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