Hob Thisrt

Tshirt line launch in LIFE June 27th 2008

The idea of arabizing t-shirts by adding Arabic calligraphy and imagery creates a friction which in its self is are presentation of the hybrid identity of Arab youth today which is often in conflict with its global in fluences and its own tradition and identity.

The word 7ob has both an innocent and rebellious connotation with in modern Arab society. This double meaning is the framework for the brand and the designs.

The designs on 7ob t-shirts are often bold and carry diverse styles and themes ranging from: social commentary and frustration to sense of humour, nostalgia and other visual and abstract imagery.

Many of the designs use slang words and streets sayings using traditional Arabic calling raphe styles, which creates a sense of irony.

The imagery used are often mundane things from everyday life that are often taken for granted, however when taken out of its original context and put on the t-shirts, they create a new meaning and sometimes strong messages.

The designs often have open ended meanings which represent different things to different viewers.

The brand 7ob is a brand that is all about attitude. It is more than a t-shirt, its a point of view and a platform for design and identity.

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