Laura Fernandez de Nazir

Dreams do come true. And if you’re Laura Fernández de Nazir, your dreams come true.

Laura has always had big aspirations for herself. And since she was a little girl, she has slowly begun achieving each of them, one by one. The story behind Design’s emerging talent, Laura Fernández de Nazir and her newfound success as a painter, is more like a fairy tale of a girl with big dreams and even bigger talent. Let us begin…

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her name was Laura. Laura was very creative and began displaying this unique creativity in the form of paintings. As she grew older, Laura participated in small exhibits from time to time, yet she never thought she would known as a professional artist.

Skip a couple chapters to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Laura has been living here with her prince charming and their three beautiful sons for over the past 15 years. They reside in the palatial home that Laura designed herself, “I was the architect and designer of our villa. It’s so much fun doing your own house as you know exactly what you want.” Laura’s fervor for design is apparent in all aspects of her life, “The painting I have hanging in the main hallway of my house is an Argentine lullaby that I sang to all three of my boys as they grew up. I have it hanging in the entrance, as it’s the ‘heart of the house.’” But Laura still proclaims, “My passion lives in architecture. It’s been my passion for over the past 12 years.” Turn a few more pages. Laura exhibits sixty pieces of her work in a local exhibit in Jeddah. All the paintings are sold out immediately. “My subject is that moment and the future and what it can bring,” explains Laura.

Her artwork is abstract. LI mix mediums… acrylic paints, paper, cardboard. ”Laura has been chosen as one of the few novice artists to exhibit her work along such great master’s as Fernando Botero, RomeroBritto, and Roberto Matta. While her artwork employs both English and Spanish poetry, the beauty lies not only in the lyrics she composes, but also in the fleeting moments that each piece creates. “My paintings seek to find connections between layout, colors, lines, papers and mediums in order to create a final balance,” elaborates Laura, “I physically Most of Laura’s work is distinguished by the use of mixed techniques, such as collage and paints, and a subtle palette of earth-toned colors. Her work transcends the viewer into a surreal state that mimics her optimistic demeanor. And as Laura has proved through her numerous achievements, “You can achieve your dreams if you truly believe in them.”

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