”In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes“ Andy Warhol- Pop Art crossed all boundaries between high and low culture to produce many of the twentieth century iconic images. Although it is possible that everybody would achieve fame for fifteen minutes, Legends of the Arab World depicts icons that have achieved fame. for eons to come Legends of the Arab World is a spectacular exhibition using vibrant colours and mixed techniques to depict 20th century portraits of Arab icons of the voice and the silver screen, iconic figures of the 60s, 70s and 80s, who transcended their time to become symbols of popular heritage and national pride.

About the Artists:

Ali Sultan German national with Iraqi background • Grew up, studied and worked in Frankfurt, Germany • Graduated from the School of Audio Engineering in 2004 with a • major in audio engineering and a minor in graphic design Studied Angritic and Musical Science at the University • .of Mainz, Germany

Having worked on print making, silk painting and acrylics as a hobby, he found in digital art a new way of using modern technology to create artwork.

Hamad Al-Saab Kuwaiti artist with a Saudi background • Bachelor of Computer and Information Technology, USA • Balances his work as a senior investment auditor with• his passion for art In 2006, Hamad and Ali joined forces working on a pop art exhibition that opened at the Corniche Event Gallery, Kuwait, in May 2007. It was a great success that sealed the relationship and led to a number of exhibitions at home and abroad Creating a brilliant reflection of Arab culture, Hamad & Ali’s recent work shows a stylistic split from the familiar and into a more explorative genre. The pop-art themes which have garnered the artist their early fame are now approached with a new awareness and delight fully gaudy boldness. The colour palate trimmed, the subject matter .sincere, the newest instalments have a story to tell.

Bassem Al Sharqi A renowned artist from Saudi Arabia, Bassem Al Sharqi has an impressive list of exhibitions under his belt. Al-Sharqi’s art reflects the vintage style of Pop Art through a mixture of media, such as collage, spray-paint, and silk screening to create novel iconic symbols that represent a new generation of Arabs. Explains Al-Sharqi, “These im ages are universal; their subjects are more a part of my heritage than the dalla (traditional teapot) which is considered to be a symbol of “.Saudi culture.

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