Redefining the traditional market experience, Manuel market opens in Heraa Avenue Mall, and makes sensory market shopping the new everyday standard. A new concept to be introduced to the supermarket scene in Saudi Arabia, Manuel‘s represents the much-loved Torerro (bullfighting hero), that originates in Spain. Manuel speaks to honoring traditions, the strength of one‘s culture, and high-class experiences; yet, at the same time, Manuel is your friend, and he‘ll do anything to share the best of what he has to offer with you. And so, our friendship with Manuel begins…

Manuel has been created with such detail, that every part of the showroom floor will set off your senses. Appealing to your visual sense, Manuel market has created attractive color-coordinated displays by using light effects and images that will attract you upon first sight. Fresh baked goods, such as melted labnah mana‘esh with sprinkled zataar hot from crackling-fire brick ovens, will warm your stomach and stamp Manuel as a part of your new daily breakfast routine. Textures and products, appearing for the first time in Saudi Arabia, will excite you with such pleasure, that it‘s as if you can actually hear the echo of cheer for Manuel‘s victory and ability to please us all.

On your next market outing, for a real sensory experience, and to enjoy the best of what the culinary world has to offer, visit Manuel… our Torero, our neighbor, our new friend in Jeddah.

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