You can’t help but smile when MASAMEER is mentioned, the YouTube series that sends a serious message through comedic relief. Important topics to do with the Saudi Culture are highlighted, whether it is to support or discourage the action. With every detail being a statement and the idea of stereotyping behaviour instead of people has gone a long way in catapulting this creative cartoon into more than a million views per video.

Every character has an agenda some reasonable others irrational, and as a complete cast they feed off each other’s perceptions of right and wrong, making us wonder about the issue and laugh during the process while eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes release.

The episode “One of us is handicapped” sheds light on the different aspects and interactions between us, and how the conduct of some people may handicap others. How opportunities differ from one person to the other, and what people do to limit and inhibit the visions of a realistic dreamer.

This particular video was previewed at the Ambassador’s of Brotherhood second conference, and was able to bring joy to all that attended and to all that view the MASAMEER series.

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